Most of my projects are on my github.

> Damson (Greylock Hackfest 2016, Finalist) - A platform that allows users to share home internet data via wifi hotspots – home user gets credits for unused home data allowances, while mobile/temporary user gets access to cheaper data (high potential for dense cities)

> Bookmark Reminder Chrome app – A lightweight chrome extension that allows user to add a webpage as an event in their calendar, acting as a reminder on the selected date

> Scaniton (independent project) - Implemented a QR code based package tracking system using Parse as a backend (web and mobile app). Worked mainly on the iPhone iOS app which was released in the Apple app store

> Carpooler (Boston Clean Web Hackathon 2015) - Created a mobile app that allows users to easily split carpooled rides with friends using calculated distance & gas mileage and automatically charge friends with the Venmo API

> Root Tree (PennApps 2016) - A platform that allows developers to make web apps interact with a client’s computer (upon permission). Developers can upload bash scripts and once approved, run the code on a client using a JS library. Built a desktop app to receive and execute the code on clientside.More to be updated!